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Viper's Den Part 1 - Piper and Kade Release Blitz

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Author: Eliza Brown
Genre: Contemporary Romance Novella
1st in a series of Novellas


I’m Piper Jones, owner and operator or Vipers’ Den; a hair and beauty salon catering to the unconventional. My clients are often referred to as: eccentric, freaks, or misfits. 

I’m also single, a fact my mother is less than pleased with. Making it her mission to change my status, she continually sets me up on dates with her friend’s offspring. Only her roster of “gems” is dwindling. Each date is worse than the last.

Then Kade Benson, the one man I have loathed for as long as I can remember, approached me with the most asinine (borderline genius) plan I’d ever heard to rectify both of our situations.

As ludicrous as it is, it might just work.

However, I never expected things to work out the way they did.

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Author's Bio:

Eliza Brown is a simple little housewife from Cairns, Australia, with a wicked good imagination. She is the mother to three crazily cute kids and the wife of a Sexy Arse Tree Lopper. She is also baby sister to a Certified Nutbag, a Linesman and a Fireman.

Eliza spends her days running around after her kids and jotting down stories that come to her at inconvenient moments in her leather, flower embossed notebook. (She is very particular about her stationary.) Or in her iPhone or iPad or whatever she can get her hands on. (Damn kids keep running off with her stationary.)
When the kids are napping nine times out of ten, you will find Eliza sitting at her computer typing as fast as she can while she can. Generally with her phone wedged between her shoulder and ear bouncing ideas off her sister.

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Awakening Blog Tour


After suffering a terrible loss Caroline closed herself off to any more heartache. Haunted by the memory of love lost, she wonders if her heart can ever heal or if she will be alone forever. When her grandmother passes away Caroline reluctantly travels to a nearby town to help her family settle the estate and encounters a charming and irresistibly sexy man from her past.
Following his brother's untimely death Luke has made it a point to live in the here and now. But he's never been able to forget the beautiful blonde he met years ago. When she reappears unexpectedly he makes it his mission to win her over. Convincing her she belongs with him won't be an easy task, especially when she tries to deny their connection.
When their lives intersect in a wave of attraction, denial, and desperation, will the desire for love be enough to awaken their broken hearts, or will the guilt and grief of the past stand in the way of their budding future together? 

 Excerpts & Teasers:

He rolled towards me and pulled my back into him, spooning me. His arm was around my waist and he was rubbing his thumb across my lower stomach. I shivered and he squeezed me closer. I could feel his erection against my backside and I had clench my legs together to try and squelch some of the tension I was feeling. I squirmed a little and he held me in place.
"Stop moving," he ground out.
I instantly stilled.
"You don't want to..." I knew what word I should say, because I knew which one he'd want to hear. He liked it when I talked dirty to him, but not knowing what he was thinking made me self conscious. "Have sex?" I finished.
"Of course I do. I always want you, but you made it clear you weren't ready and I'm trying to respect your decision. I'm just glad I get to hold you in my arms all night. Next time I make love to you, it's going to be because you want it, and can't go another minute without feeling me inside you."
My breath caught in my throat. Make love. "I thought that's why you wanted me here Luke."
"I wanted you here because I think we belong together and I can't go another day without touching you and having you in my bed. For now, this is enough for me."
"Then why are we naked?"
"I want you to feel how much I want you, and I don't want any barriers between us. I want you to want me as much as I want you. I want you begging me to slip inside you and I want you screaming my name when I do."
His warm breath in my ear and his words were making me soaked.
"Goodnight Savannah," he said, cutting me off.
I clenched my teeth. I could feel him smiling against the back of my head and I knew he was going to make me beg.

"That's my driveway you're standing in," said a deep southern drawl. I stepped back to see a man in a big black four door truck.
"Oh, gosh, I'm sorry," I said, taking a more few steps back so he could turn in.
I was waiting for him to head further down the road when he stopped the truck in my path and got out. He was tall, well over six feet. His eyes were hidden by a pair of sun glasses, but I recognized him instantly. 
"I'm just going to check the mail," he said. "What're you doing out here anyway?" As he opened the mailbox and reached in to retrieve his mail, I noticed the way the muscles in his arms flexed.
"I was just out for a run," I said waiting for him to recognize me.
He looked over at me and stopped abruptly, as if seeing me for the first time. He lifted the sunglasses off his face and stared at me wordlessly. His dark green eyes held me motionless. He walked a couple of steps towards me raising his hand to touch my cheek. Sparks flew, and I inhaled sharply.
"Caroline," he said hesitantly, and then dropped his hand, searching my eyes.
My skin was burning where he touched it, but I managed to nod slowly.
"Hi Luke."
He didn't say anything for a moment, almost as if he wasn't sure what to do next.
"I heard about your grandmother. My condolences for your loss."
"Thank you," I said, looking down.
I felt a bead of sweat run between my breasts and suddenly realized how I must look.
"You are so damn beautiful." He smiled brilliantly, and my God his lips looked kissable. I tried not to think about how they would feel on me, and realized I was staring at them. God, my hormones were raging! I quickly cleared my throat, and tried to steer the conversation in another direction.
"Since when do you have anything nice to say to me?"
"Caroline, come on. We were such good friends once. I know I didn't treat you well for a long time, but I never stopped caring about you."
"I don't want to rehash the past Luke."
"Caroline, I lost you and Mark in the same day, and it broke my heart. I wondered how you were, how you were coping. I thought about calling you a million times, but I never knew what to say. Since then, I've been trying to get my life back on track, live in the moment and not dwell on the things I can't change, but you being here...... it's like a second chance."
I shook my head at him.
"I haven't moved on Luke. I still miss Mark every day, and I haven't forgotten how you treated me all those years."
He looked at me sympathetically. "I apologized for all that already. And I miss him too, you know."
"You used to stare at me like you couldn't stop looking, and then you would barely speak more than a word to me when I tried to talk to you. You accosted me in hallways, kissed me, screamed at me, disappeared. That's not something I can just forget, apology or not."
His green eyes simmered as his eyes narrowed.
"How was I supposed to act when the one thing I wanted most wasn't mine to have?"

 My Review:

“Freud believed that dreams are manifestations of our deeper desires, often related to repressed childhood memories or obsessions.”
Caroline’s recurring dream which first makes its appearance at the beginning of Awakening immediately draws the reader into this book. I was asking myself questions before I had finished reading the first chapter. But the appearance of sexy Luke Johnson had me asking even more questions. For one thing, what part did he play in Caroline’s life?
Awakening is also one of those books that stirs up a lot of emotions. I know I felt quite a few: sadness, frustration, happiness and frustration again. I couldn’t help but wonder how much could happen to one person, especially since someone who is only in her early 20’s. Just when you think that everything is going to work out, something else happened to Caroline and her happiness was threatened.
Although there was a suggestion of a sinister element in Awakening, I would have liked it to have played a more prominent role in this book. I wanted more suspense. I also felt the climax of this particular element was too rushed. However, I really enjoyed reading this book.
I gave Awakening 4 out of 5 stars.

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The Lost One Release Day Blitz

BOOK:  The Lost One 
AUTHOR: Liz Lovelock
SERIES: Book One of Lost Series 
GENRE:  Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE:  September 10th, 2014




My name is Melodi White, I had a dream once like every other girl does. Then one day, my dream was torn to shreds, by my sister’s evil boyfriend, Jacob. It’s been three years since she was ripped from my life. She wasn’t just any sister; no, she was my twin, my best friend.

Deciding to follow our childhood dream of moving to New York, I head for a life of adventure and fun. A night on the town and I find myself wrapped in the arms of one gorgeous, drop-dead-sexy man, Corban. He has literally swept me off my feet, taken my breath away with a single kiss and left me wanting more, a feeling completely alien to me.

Corban Andrews, CEO of Case Construction, rich, sexy and ravishing is set to make my world come undone. I allow myself to put my trust in him, but will his rules and my trust issues let us explore what we could have together? It’s either that or am I at risk of staying lost and alone.

When a blast from my past reappears, I know I may be pushed so far down the rabbit hole, Corban and I just may not survive. It all comes down to survival and choices. I have no idea which I will choose.

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Author Bio:

Liz is from bright sunny Queensland, Australia. She has always been a reader. When she was little she would be up late reading Garfield and Asterix comic books and also Footrot Flats. When she hit high school she read TomorrowWhen the War Began by John Marsden and from there her love of books continued to grow. She always has a book to read beside her bed along with a note book for when inspiration hits at those crazy hours.

She is a stationary addict and a one click addict. She loves everything books, authors and of course loves chocolate and lollies to keep her going.





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Miss Congeniality Cover Reveal

Title: Miss Congeniality(The Misses Trilogy Book 1)
Author: Marie Garner
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 28, 2014


Miss Congeniality doesn’t curse. Miss Congeniality doesn’t have tattoos. Miss Congeniality doesn’t drink shots. Miss Congeniality doesn’t ride motorcycles….Or does she?

When America’s sweetheart…
Brea Richards is America’s sweetheart. Dubbed Miss Congeniality by the media, Brea has spent years honing her current reputation. And being one of the leading stars of a prime time television show…priceless. It’s a long way from her humble beginnings, but that’s her secret to keep. Or at least that’s what she believes until she gets the phone call.

Meets America’s bad boy…
Lance Holder is America’s bad boy, the guy they love to hate. He lives life the way he wants, and makes no apologies, regardless of what anyone thinks. All everyone sees is the tattooed, motorcycle riding, reckless movie star, preventing anyone from looking beneath the surface. And that’s just fine with Lance. Until his new gig puts him right in the path of Brea.

Will either one escape unscathed?
Lance is the newbie on Brea’s show, and everyone is watching to see if America’s bad boy will influence Miss Congeniality. They don’t know Brea’s worst influences happened long before Lance entered the picture. And Lance seems to be one of the only ones to see beyond her current fa├žade. Maybe America’s bad boy is just what America’s sweetheart needs…



“That wasn’t so bad,” Lance said as they walked in the green room following the conference. The others had scattered soon after, but Brea had followed him to express her displeasure. She simply stared at him; he had clearly been hit in the head if he thought that press conference went well.
Brea tried for calm but failed miserably. Her temper didn’t flair up often, but when it did she tended to lay waste to everything in her path. “Easy for you to say grabby hands,” she hissed. “And what the hell were you doing insinuating that we had a relationship?!”
“First of all, I wouldn’t have had to say shit if you didn’t try to eye fuck me on the way in.”
Brea narrowed her eyes, gritting her teeth so she didn’t rise to his bait. “I didn’t try to eye fuck you. And who says shit like that?”
He leaned in so close she could feel his breath, causing a tingle in the base of her spine. “The guy who you were about ten seconds away from pulling into a back room.” She pulled away, needing the distance, before glaring at him.
“And don’t touch me again without permission.”
He chewed on his bottom lip, looking her up and down like he knew exactly where he wanted to touch her. “What pisses you off more? The fact that I had to squeeze your leg to prevent you from spouting off at the mouth…or that you wanted me to squeeze much more than your leg?”
Her nostrils flared, from desire or anger she didn’t know. They say there’s a thin line between love and hate, and she never felt it more acutely than she did today, as though ever nerve ending was on fire. She didn’t know why this man did it for her, but he did.
“You are obnoxious as hell.” It was pretty weak as far as comebacks went, but she couldn’t think straight. All she wanted to do was feel, but she wasn’t about to give in to shit when it came to Lance.
“That all you got? You really are…nice.” When he said it like that it made it seem like she had the plague.
“One of us has to have manners,” she replied in a way that would have made Emily Post proud.
“Yeah, and one of us had to preserve your reputation in the media. Will they speculate about us? Yes. Did I play it off so they think there’s nothing serious about us? Yes. Just wait and see what they write about you, I guarantee you will be the victim of my evil clutches.” She shifted from side to side, knowing he was probably right. They would be much more forgiving of her, but if she said anything they would have circled like vultures around new prey. She should probably thank him for his foresight, but he had been such an ass about everything.
“And as far as the other stuff- the shit between you and me? You look at me like that again, and I guarantee we’ll be doing a lot more than playing grabby hands under the table.” And just like that, he walked away, slamming the door on the way out. She plopped down on the couch, trying to pretend like she didn’t want to call him back for more.

About the Author:

Marie Garner hails from North Carolina, and has had her nose in a book for as long as she can remember.  Story ideas have been floating around in her head for as long as she can remember when she finally decided to write them down.  She is an avid football fan, often found rooting on her Washington Redskins or her alma mater NC State.  She has taught for the past 7 years, with a short break to earn her Masters degree.  She loves London, having lived there for a year, and loves taking all those crazy ideas to make stories you enjoy!


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Happily Evan After Cover Reveal


Evan is a reluctant cupid. Facing an unknown term of servitude to repay his debt to the world, it is his responsibility to guide couples together. Despite initial hesitancy, he has learned to handle every case with care and he now basks in the afterglow of new-found love and relishes in the energy it provides him. But his end goal is still the promise of paradise in return for his penance. 

It's all going according to plan until he receives an assignment that is inconceivable to him. He has to find a mate for Becca, within whom lives the reincarnated soul of his one true love. Bound by his duty to find her a match, he must resist her charm and suppress his own desires. It is his job and he cannot fail, even if his own paradise now seems lost.

For a cupid, falling is love is against the rules. 

Isn't it? 

Author Bio

Michelle Irwin has been many things in her life: a hobbit taking a precious item to a fiery mountain; a young child stepping through the back of a wardrobe into another land; the last human stranded not-quite-alone in space three million years in the future; a young girl willing to fight for the love of a vampire; and a time-travelling madman in a box. She achieved all of these feats and many more through her voracious reading habit. Eventually, so much reading had to have an effect and the cast of characters inside her mind took over and spilled out onto the page. 

Michelle lives in sunny Queensland in the land down under with her surprisingly patient husband and ever-intriguing daughter, carving out precious moments of writing and reading time around her accounts-based day job. A lover of love and overcoming the odds, she primarily writes paranormal and fantasy romance.


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Physical Touch Book Blitz

Author: Sierra Hill


Fight or flight had never been a question for feisty Boston physical therapist Rylie Hemmons, until she met the man whose touch made her reconsider everything she’d worked so hard to create.
When Rylie takes on new patient Mitch Camden after his ski-accident, she is overwhelmed by a physical attraction she’s never before experienced.
Conflicted over her desire for Mitch and maintaining her professional oath, she works to keep the personal boundaries, just as Mitch is equally determined to close the distance. 
At the risk of jeopardizing her career and reputation, Rylie is forced to make a life-altering decision that may have her running from what she needs most.




Excerpt #1:
Eyeing her inquisitively, he allowed his gaze to leisurely run the length of her body, stopping at each juncture. And he made sure she noticed it. Was this a turn on or an insult?  She wasn’t sure, but it brought back the butterflies immediately.
His thick, sandy-golden hair was textured and groomed perfectly, a bit longer on the top so that it flopped to the side across his forehead. Her first instinct was to run her hands through it to see if it fell back into its perfectly sculpted place. Just been fucked hair. That’s what it looked like. His strong jaw had a hint of stubble, a five o’clock shadow that was a bit darker than the color of his sun-kissed head of hair. She tried not to consider how the rough texture of his beard would feel against her skin.
Holy hell, snap out of it, already
His laughter came out in a booming guffaw and immediately brought her back to the two in front of her. 
“Apparently, Jax, the lady doesn’t appreciate our opinions on the subject matter tonight. Perhaps she’d be willing to educate us further on the merits of the Patriots over another drink.” His mocking smile and raised eyebrows gave off an air of superiority that sent a quick stab of ire up Rylie’s back. Feeling the heat rise on her face again, Rylie harrumphed and slammed back the rest of her drink. 
Before she could respond with a witty comeback, his long fingers reached up to touch her mouth, wiping a drop of drink remaining on her upper lip. He touched his own mouth, his tongue reaching out to taste the remnants.
“Mmm…I like Manhattans.”
Rylie stood in utter shock. Had he really just done that? What was this guy’s deal, she wondered. His aggressiveness, partnered with her own socially awkward inclinations, drove her anger to a whole new level. It’s one thing to talk about things you know nothing about, as this man obviously did, but then to have the balls to touch a stranger, like that, was not okay with her. Who did he think he was?
Stammering to find the words to say, Rylie backed up, feeling trapped and more than a little irate. “What the hell, buddy? You need a lesson in personal space, too?  I think they teach you to keep your hands to yourself in second grade,” she said with indignation.
“Hmmm…I clearly missed that lesson. Such a shame. But I’d be happy to get schooled if you’re looking to act as my teacher.”

Excerpt #2:
“Sports car. I knew it! Trying to make up for a lack of something, Pretty Boy?”
“I’ve never heard any complaints about my lack of anything.”
Hmm. Whatever, Stud Muffin.
Mitch opened up the passenger side door and held the door so Rylie could place the bag on the seat. She leaned in and carefully set the bag on the floor. Shifting herself up right, she turned around and came face-to-face with Mitch, who now was just inches of her. One step closer and he would have her pinned against the doorframe.
Her breath caught and a warm tingle shot up her spine. He was too close. Way too close. Totally in her personal space. She willed him to move. Instinctively, her hand rose to place it on his chest, presumably to push him away. His hand shot out and grabbed her wrist, yanking her toward him.
“I’m glad I ran into you, IQ,” he whispered into her ear, his hand dropping her wrist and moving to her face to brush a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “I appreciate your assistance and hope I can reciprocate in the very near future.”
Rylie’s hand remained on his chest. She could feel his body heat and the beating rhythm of his heart. She meant to push him away, to maneuver around him and place herself a safe distance from him. But her hand somehow had a mind of its own and stayed there, enjoying the texture of his soft sweater and the marbled feel of his chest. In fact, the other hand joined in on its own volition. His lips quirked up, apparently showing his approval.
She had just opened her mouth to say something and without warning, his mouth was upon hers in lightning-fast speed. He placed his hands on the sides of her face and tilted her head, allowing him to gain access to her lips. He gently pried her lips open, rubbing his tongue sensually along her bottom lip. Rylie’s mind rebelled, but her mouth betrayed her, giving in to the suppleness of his kissable lips. Her first instinct was to push him away and knee him in the balls, but the feeling was so intense and pleasurable, she gave in to the feeling that she was floating.  


Sierra began her love of romance novels when she read books by LaVryle Spencer and Julie Garwood in her early twenties. Since then, she became an avid reader and has now turned to writing books herself. She loves to get lost in the journey that two people can take and watching their lives and love unfold within the pages. The more the tangled conflict, battles of will, and of course, the steamy side of the relationship, the better!

AUTHOR MEDIA LINKS: (Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, Email, Website)



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Strike Release Blitz 

Title: Strike (Spark, #3)
Author: Jennifer Ryder
Genre: Steamy Erotic Romance
Expected Publication Date: August 30, 2014


Until April.
A sexy-arse freelance photographer who’s travelled the world, and doesn’t do long walks on the beach or romantic candlelit dinners. She enjoys running with the bulls and food spicy enough to make your hair fall out. If that weren’t enough to get me hard, she rides a mean mother of a motorcycle.
I’ve gotta have a taste of this wildcat.
~Spencer (Jones)
I don’t do fast. Not anymore. I’ve got my career, my independence, and since I fled Spain to come back home I promised myself that I wouldn’t be put second—or third, for that matter—again.
Then I meet pretty boy Spencer.
He’s smooth, oozing the most potent pheromones probably known to modern science, and he’s making a move on me. One kiss was almost enough for my promise to dissolve.
My head says no—my treacherous body screams yes. I’m gonna make Spencer work for it. Make him fight for the chance to have me, because I know that deep down I’m worth it.
~April MacIntyre



My head pounds, alerting me to the fact that I’m alive. Barely. I run my hand over my bare chest to find a set of fingers clad with rings. The hand tightens, sharp nails scratching my skin as they sweep over my ribs. I shudder with the realisation that she’s still here. That was not part of the plan.
Her hand continues over to my hipbone, and curls around my side. I turn to see her face buried in the pillow beside me, a cascade of fiery red curls tangled down her back, a strong contrast to her pale skin.
I strain to lift my head off the pillow, and there he is. Ryan. On the far edge of my king-sized bed, face down, bare arse and all.
I’m here again. My life on repeat.
My liver screams out its hate for me, and my body aches in silent protest. And why the fuck is my arse sore?
I wriggle to release myself from her hold.
I don’t like them to stay, but Ryan and I were obviously too fucked-up to care. I must’ve passed out, because normally I deal with their exit.
I don’t do mornings. I don’t do awkward. I like simple hook-ups, and then “see ya”; No expectations, no complications.
This here looks complicated.
Walking naked across my bedroom, the floor littered with condom wrappers and clothes, I pick up a rogue black leather shoe and throw it at Ryan’s arse.
He chokes on his snore, and stirs. “Hey, what the fuck, man?” He rolls over, thankfully tugging the tangled sheets with him to shield his dick. I don’t need a vision of his giant cock in the back of my head today.
“What’s up is that you and Princess Redhead need to leave, buddy. I gotta get to work,” I whisper loudly. Working for Dad today is totally gonna blow.
Ryan swings his legs off the bed, and stretches his arms over his head. “Well, you never fail to disappoint, man. Guess I’ll catch ya next time I’m in town.”
I take a white crumpled towel that I must have left on the floor yesterday and wrap it around my hips. “That depends, mate. If you’re the reason my arse is sore, then this was the last time. Oh, and you might just get the shit kicked out of you.”
He chuckles quietly to himself. “You don’t remember?” He grabs his jeans from the floor in front of him, and slips them on.
“Remember what?” Oh no. Ryan did not go there. I’ll kill him. On instinct, my teeth grind against each other, and I breathe out heavily through my nose as I stalk towards him.
He holds up a hand. “Relax,” he says, as he juts his chin towards the redhead. “Miss Ginger Sex Fiend over there brought toys.”
“Fuck,” I gasp. I’ve seriously gotta lay off the drink.
“Now, get outta here. I’ll take care of Ginger.” Ryan winks, and runs his hands through his mussed up sandy-coloured hair.
Yeah. I need to get to work.

About the Author

New Adult and erotic romance writer, and author of the Spark series. The second book in the five part series, Spike, is to be released on 28 May 2014.
A sexy imagination, a life-long love of books and a sucker for romance, Jennifer Ryder couldn't stifle her creativity any longer.

Writing steamy adult romance has become her new focus. Living on a rural property in New South Wales, Australia, she enjoys the best of city and country.

Her loving husband is ever willing to provide inspiration, and her two young cherubs, and sheep that don't see fences as barriers, keep life more than interesting.

Jennifer placed third in the International Stringybark Erotic Short Fiction Award 2013.

The Spark Series

Strike (Spark, #3)

Spark (Spark #1)

Spike (Spark #2)


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